American steel company reduced
the injury rate and shortened learning phase
of workers with the help of video
American steel company.
American steel company had a huge staff turnover, which was caused by the high level of injuriousness at the manufacture. Book on safety obligatory that had 250 pages was difficult to read and understand for the majority.
Previos result
Company's staff needed 14 days to read the book. The level of understanding was below 10%. As a result - high level of dismissals and high level of injuries.
Solution: There were 40 videos created, which were 5 min long instead of 40 sections of the book. We developed a character to create an association with the viewer.
The perception of content has become easier and the involvement of its study has increased. Learning speed was reduced from 14 days to 5 hours. Level of understanding became higher than 75%. The number of dismissals was reduced by 40%. The injury level was reduced by 4 times. And the most amazing thing is the company saved $750000 per year.
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