Turkish plastic surgery clinic increased sales volume to €2332500
Turkish plastic surgery clinic.
Low sales volume and website conversion.
Poor understanding of the process and procedures safety level, fear of surgery, low level of trust, and poor understanding of the.
Previos result
175 procedures were held per first quarter, 10500 unique users on the website, 125 of them were generated through the website, and 50 came by recommendation.
Average sales volume — €1312500. Increase sales by increasing the level of trust.
Create a 3-min video for each webpage of each procedure. Create a video that presents a clinic and doctors, hospital rooms, and equipment, tells the number of successful operations, operation stages, and the operation procedure is shown in 3D to understand why it is safe.
486 procedures per next quarter with almost the same traffic (14500 website visits),406 of them were generated through the website, and 80 patients came by recommendation. Sales conversion increased by 60%, and the number of leads doubled.
The average sales volume became — €3645000, and the sales volume increased
by €2332500.
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