Explainer video in 1 month increased the number of free trials by 166% and sales volume by 240%
German IT-company.
Multichannel CRM system for Small-Medium Business.
Low number of free trials, as a result, low number of sales. Also, low level
of recognition and a small number of users.
Product is only 2 years on the market, company is unknown to the mass consumer.
Previos result
400 visits on the website per month, only 2% of people (108 teams) booked a free trial version for their team. And after a week of using the free trial version, only 20 (18,5%) teams booked the full version.
To increase the number of free trials and the volume of full versions sales.
Create 2 types of videos. First one is a presentation video which describes all the advantages of the given CRM system. Also we added a screencast to this video which aims to show how easy it is to use the CRM system. The video was placed at the top of the landing page, and also was enclosed to the decision-makers emails in order to speed up the process of understanding the value of this CRM and deciding to book a trial. The second type of videos was a series of training videos. They were given to those who booked a free trial in order to quickly understand how to use this CRM.
Final result
After a month with almost the same traffic level the number of free trials increased by 166%. The company got 194 trials through the website and also 95 additional trials after sending the video via email. Also, the number of full versions sold increased by 240%, the company sold 68 of them.
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