WOW-animated Opel Mokka advertisement on the largest LED-screen in Eastern Europe brought 50 000 orders before the start of official sales.
Ukrainian car dealership Stellantis.
Electric crossover modification Opel Mokka-e.
To attract the attention of audiences of all ages and income levels, also to successfully convert this audience into a brand customer.
Advertising video campaign on the largest LED-screen in Eastern Europe with an area of 4000 square meters in Kiev. Show the key characteristics of the car with the help of animation.

The "actions" of the car in the video highlight the characteristic features of the car.
The unique technology of the animated picture allows not only seeing the crossover, but literally knowing its shape: the original front end of the Opel Vizor, the developed wheel arches, the dynamic roof slope - all this makes you fall in love with its unique design at first sight. The use of a yellow background color meets the brand requirements of the Brand, along the way literally "charging" people with energy and enlivening the surrounding space. And the use of a green car in the video hints at the imminent appearance of a "green version" in the model lineup.

The animation highlighted the matrix Full-LED headlights, which are unique equipment for this segment with the help of "winking" headlights ", thus once again drawing attention to the concept of the car itself: a dynamic, modern, energetic WOW crossover Opel Mokka-e!

Final result
This product hit the top of the most selling products of its category on Amazon, sales increased by 450% (2750 books were sold during the next month).
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